June 25, 2012

Liam's First Birthday

Sorry for the picture overload!!

I made everything, aside from some of the food
He didn't really care for the cake
Well, Liam's birthday isn't until Tuesday, but we had his party this past Saturday. I was bummed all week though, because the forecast called for rain. Sure enough that morning it was nothing but rain. It let up enough for us to load stuff into cars and head down there. I will tell you though that I was the most upset person ever that morning. I had a serious breakdown because nothing was going right and I just wanted the day perfect. Mainly it was because I worked so hard on everything there. The decor was all handmade. I will give instructions on that later. I also made the party favors, the cake stand and cupcakes. Don't worry, I plan to make a post about the recipes for the cupcakes as well. The flavors we chose were chocolate (which is what his cake is as well), vanilla and lemon. The frosting is whip cream frosting, which is basically heavy cream, cream cheese and sugar. Again, more on that later. Anyway, Liam likes to run around and not stay still so I thought the park would have been perfect, with the toys and grass area. However, we got there and things started looking up. Luckily Liam fell 
Playing in the rain
Present time
asleep on the way there
(it's only a couple minutes away) and stayed asleep for a short nap. I got everything set up, while the husband cooked the hot dogs and Liam sat in his highchair with snacks. Everyone showed up about 11:30am and we just mingled for a bit. Then we all got food, which it was all delicious. The last couple people showed up and we decided to let Liam dig into his cake just in case anyone had to leave. However, he wasn't a big fan. I'm not sure if it was too cold and mushy, or just because he was full. Either way, he was NOT having it. It might have been all the people there singing happy birthday (a good 30 people or so). I still managed a few great shots though. After we calmed him down with a bottle, all was well. He surprisingly opened presents pretty well. You know how kids are though; he got distracted. We got done with everything at about 1:30pm (which is what I aimed for) and we cleaned up. It was surprisingly a lot of fun and Liam seemed to enjoy himself. He even chased some ducks that showed up and played in puddles. He was a champ and I am just glad he had fun. I am so thankful for everyone who showed up, even if the weather didn't work out the way I wanted.

I can't believe my baby will be one tomorrow; my how time flies!


  1. he is so cute!! what a great party!! love that pic of him in the rain with the duck!

    1. Thank you! I'm just glad it turned out good with the rain! That is by far my favorite picture!

  2. So glad I was invited. The kids had fun!
    -Allie Perez

    1. I'm glad you made it!!! Darn rain though ha.


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