July 25, 2012


  Got this from lovely Kiranda from Mommyhood; check her out!
what i'm listening to >> Greg Fitzsimmons (Comedian) on Comedy Central - I don't know, the husband is watching it.
what i'm watching >> Same thing ha.
thinking about >>  Mostly the fact that I don't want to go to work. I think about this a lot haha. I'm also thinking about some other more personal things that I don't want to mention...
loving >> The fact that since being on paleo and starting this job (about 2 or 2.5 weeks-ish), I have lost about 7lbs. That is AMAZING for me.

anticipating >> What the future will hold and when I will ever get my new phone (old phone was dumb so I sent it in and should get a gift card for a new one).

feeling thankful for >>  Having Liam in my life; he's quite an amazing little boy.
working on >> Trying to be more positive in life.
eating lots of >> Healthy paleo foods! You should look it up; google it!
wishing >> Things were easier at the moment.

What is your life currently like? I need to head to work (did I mention I am working SIX days in a row this week?), but I may fill you all in on that tomorrow. That is, if you care to hear about all that ha. For now, I leave you with this short thought for the day. Hope you are all doing well! I need to catch up on blogs ASAP!

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