July 31, 2012

Time To Catch Up

If I still have anyone reading out there...

I have been so behind in blogging, it's ridiculous. Work has me beat everyday to where I don't want to even get out of bed. I absolutely hate it because I miss Liam all the time, but don't really have the energy to play or see him. I try, I really do but it's so hard. I normally work 4pm-1am and when I get home around 1:15am-1:25am, I am suddenly awake. Therefore I don't go to bed until 2-3am. I try to wake up around 9am but I just can't. I end up falling right back asleep and wake up around noon. By then, I have to eat, shower and get my 'lunch' for work done. That leaves me maybe 2 hours to see Liam. It's the worst thing ever. I'm hoping things get better so I can quit that job soon. As much as I'll hate the thought of quitting and feeling like a failure. I want my life back, I want to see my son. Plus, I want one of us to watch him, not family or a stranger. I only have the job because I HAVE to at this moment. Speaking of which, it is SO HARD. I didn't think it would be too bad, but I have to talk myself out of staying home daily. I get there around 3:40pm, relax and do whatever I need to before clocking in at 3:55pm-4pm. Then I go check my tasks for the day, which the first is ALWAYS unloading trucks. Usually it is just one though, but sometimes two. We have to get that done within an hour or so, but it just wears on your body. There is a reason why there are only a couple girls doing it. Then I usually do picks, which are basically pulling out random items needed to take to the floor OR I will take pallets out to the floor. Pretty much the stuff we just took off the truck and stacked. Then sometimes we have to unload the grocery truck (which is only a couple of pallets - those wood planks if you know what I mean) and that takes maybe 15 minutes. The rest of the night is either more picks or cleaning and such. It's a pretty boring routine, but so exhausting. I did six days in a row and almost backed out by day 4. I didn't even care by then and everything was irritating. Not to mention we have certain timelines to go by and if we are too slow, we get lectured and yelled at. It's horrible. If I didn't work with fantastic, funny people, I would have quit the first week.

Other than that, Liam has been getting bigger every day. It is making me extremely sad because I am not home much and I miss times when he was a baby. My friend is pregnant and sometimes I miss how happy I was and how much I enjoyed the experience. Don't get me wrong, there is a whole new level of happiness with the stage he is at. He is now 13 months... 13!! I can't believe it. He doesn't say too many words yet, but babbles constantly. He says 'mama' and 'dada.' Rarely he will say 'no' or 'buh-bye' or 'kitty' but those only happened a couple of times. He waves goodbye and hello, plus he knows what I am saying. If I say his name or point and tell him to get the kitty, he will. He is such a smart little boy. He has started putting his straw cup in the holder on his high chair and loves to run around. He kicks when we tell him to kick in the swimming pool and he knows how to turn the comcast box off and on (although that is not good haha). I think he is going through a growth spurt because he is eating a LOT. He loves fruits and
veggies, especially bananas and peas. I found some dried fruit for him to snack on that he would eat the whole bag of if we let him. He also loves beans and kix cereal. I haven't found anything he doesn't like. He drinks a soft spout for milk and a straw cup for water or juice. I just love watching him grow each day. He has a crazy personality too. When he's mad, he screams and yells and tries to bite you. He's getting better about biting, but boy don't make him mad ha.

Nothing else has been going on in my life. Well, I have been losing weight slowly. My job is my workout and we have still been doing Paleo. I hate not being able to try new recipes since I haven't been home much, but we are making it work. So far, I have lost 8.8lbs in the last two weeks or so. It's always been hard for me so this is amazing. I have a long way to go, but this is definitely a start.

I hope you are all doing well. I have been slowly catching up on blogs, but haven't been commenting much so I am sorry! I feel like no one reads this anymore haha. Oh well, a good way for me to vent and get over some things.

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