August 28, 2012

My 14 Month Old

I totally failed on updating on Liam's progress. He is 14 months old now; WOW! I'm not sure how tall he is or how much he weighs, but he's definitely growing. He eats a LOT, not even kidding. I know he had a growth spurt for sure! He is beyond crazy and has quite the personality. I miss him being a baby, but I love this stage as well. He is so funny at this stage and he makes me smile a million times a day. Whenever we take him places, as soon as I open my door to get him out of his car seat, he has a big grin. When we take him to the car, he will try to get into it when we open the back door. He is getting so smart too! He loves his Learning Frog Scout dog; absolutely loves! When we put him down for bed, we give him that dog and he cuddles with him
 and goes straight to sleep. That was the best birthday present ever (other than his tonka truck maybe). He knows how to press the buttons on both his Scout dog and his Fisher Price Laugh and Learn dog. He picks his nose and thinks it is historical and he will let you know when he's mad. When I have to work, sometimes he wakes up around 1:30am because that's when I get home and he strictly wants me during that time. Nothing can stand between him and his fruits and veggies; especially blueberries and peas. We have yet to cut his crazy curly hair because my dad says I can't haha, but I need to get him a trim because his hair is in his eyes. He loves it when we say 'I'm gonna get you' because he will run away laughing as we chase him. As a boy would, he loves to play in dirt and we
found out just how much he loves slides. He even knows how to go down them; of course he just plops down on his butt all sloppy, but he smiles the whole way down. The tv and xbox are his favorite. Every time my husband plays, he has to grab his controller too (just an extra one we let him play with). He likes to steal sips of our water all the time and still loves mum-mums over anything else; aside from maybe dried fruit. He climbs on everything, including the couches and loves to run across them. He has a wild personality and is a big ball of energy but I love him. I will have stats next month when we have his doctor appointment. I can't wait to see how his personality turns out even more. I can't even imagine him making me any happier than he does now. I love watching him grow and interact with my husband. <3

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  1. Mr. Liam is the cutest ever! He has an amazing smile! I love it!


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