October 11, 2010


Well I am sure you know what those are! Yep, I took a digital because I didn't believe the first response one HA. I ended up taking it when my husband was at work. Once I found out, oh.my.word I was shocked. We had been trying to conceive for just two months, but I guess I did not expect a positive that quickly. The whole time I was trying to not explode with excitement. I told maybe two friends because I was going crazy. I anxiously waited for the husband to get home. When he finally did, he found this (since it was October):

He didn't believe me at first. He thought it was someone elses HA. Once he actually put two and two together, he was really excited. Now the hard part was telling my father. Aaahh what a nightmare haha. I was so worried he would hate me or something, but he actually took it quite well. It was more of an "oh, ok" than anything. He didn't seem mad, but didn't seem excited. However, he seems more excited now. /le shrug. We will see!