November 2, 2012


HOW ON EARTH IS IT NOVEMBER? Sorry, slight freak out!

I'm such a bad, bad blogger!! I wish there was a fantastic app on my phone, then I would post more. There's a blogger app, but i've tried it and hate it. I'm just never on my computer anymore. I work and then relax. I'm always on my phone though! *Sigh* I'm sorry!

Halloween this year was fantastic! Liam is 16 months old so he could understand a little bit. We carved pumpkins about a week ago. We found him a cute dragon costume and he loves it. We met with my friend (who has a son about a month or month 1/2 older than Liam) and we went to this old folks type home. They had a few of them sitting at tables, passing out candy. I'm sure they love seeing the little kids and I thought Liam could get used to trick or treating that way. After, we came back to our place, ate dinner and then headed out. We hit up quite a few houses and the boys loved it! They both got the hang of it quick! Liam walked almost the whole hour or so we were out and held his bucket too! He only cried once and that was when it broke so he couldn't hold it that well and I had to take it away. :( I felt so bad. He had such a great time though! I held his hand and took him to the door and he would just stand there and hold his bucket. He would even grab the candy and put it in there when I told him too. We let him have a little bit when we got home. All in all, he had a blast and so did we!

After that was all over, I went out for a few drinks and some dancing in my costume with friends. I had a good time, it was nice! I didn't want to get up for work though ha. How was your Halloween? I can't wait until next year!