Liam Oden

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Then - Newborn
When I found out I was pregnant, I was ecstatic. In fact, I didn't believe my home pregnancy test, so I took three of them. I guess I just couldn't believe the fact that I could make a living human being inside of me. I didn't think that I was capable; especially since I am overweight (since women overweight have a harder time conceiving). The pregnancy flew by, except for the last few weeks. I ended up having to be induced. Liam just didn't want to come out. I was set for the 28th of June. Mind you, his due date was the 17th. No woman should know their due date. It should be called a due month because babies will come when ready. I had my what was to be final appointment before my induction on the 24th, which was a Friday. After that appointment, the back labor started that night. For some reason I didn't realize that's what was happening, so I didn't go in until Sunday morning. Low and behold, Liam was born Sunday, June 26th, 2011.

Now - 13 months old