About Me

Why hello there! You may call me Heleen. Yes, I know what you are thinking; how do you pronounce that? Well, it is the same way as Helene... or think of it as Heleeeeeen. You know, how we learned that one double-e sound? Ok, so it's not that hard, but you would be surprised how often my name is mispronounced! 

Anyhow, I am a fresh 22 years old (since 12/20 to be exact), living in the PNW (pacific northwest; more so - olympia). I was married at 19 years old, and found out I was expecting a few months before my 21st birthday. Despite that fact, I don't mind not being able to drink. Unlike most people, it doesn't phase me at all. Our child will be worth it anyhow.

I decided to start this blog after looking at numerous other 'pregnancy' and 'motherhood' blogs. Besides, I need some way to keep up to date with my pregnancy. However, I have kind of morphed it into a blog of my life in general, including all the crazy parts. My life is a little short of boring. ;)

- I love penguins, first and foremost; I don't know what it is. 
- I have four tattoos so far (view them HERE and HERE).
- There is not a day that goes by, in which I go without music.
- I LOVE to blast music in my car and sing (though I can't sing ha).
- We have a cat (Martin), who is a handful.
- Seahawks will always be my favorite football team.
- I'm left handed (some things I have to do with my right hand).
- I wish I could own a beach house, because I love the ocean.
- My dream is to do photography for National Geographic.
- I have always wanted to travel to Western Europe.
- My favorite colors are blue and orange for some reason.
- I finally have my AA degree! 
- I tend to be shy when I first meet people in person.
- I miss going to the gym everyday and lifting weights.
- One day I will have a Chinchilla as a pet, one day!
- I grew up with only one parent; not what I want for my child.
- I absolutely love cartoons!

Anything else you want to know? Check out that contact page!