October 28, 2011

Life Changes...

Randomly, my husband brought up something. He mentioned the Paleo diet. For those of you who don't know what that is, simply read about it here. Basically, it's a low-carb diet sort of. My husband and I have decided that we both want to lose some weight and become healthier. After having Liam, I gained a lot of weight in my hips and butt area lol. I basically went up two pant sizes; TWO. That makes me so depressed. I lost half of my pregnancy weight really quickly. It's just the rest I need to get rid of. Although I did gain 50lbs during my pregnancy. I want to be a healthier 'me' for Liam. When he gets old enough to run around, I want to be able to chase him. I want to be healthier for whenever we have another child (few years from now, don't worry ha). Granted, I know that I will never be super skinny. My body is definitely not built for that. I have a big structure, but even so I can still lose some weight and be healthier.

This diet doesn't even seem that bad. Sure, we have to cut out pasta and all that good stuff...BUT we can have all the meat in the world. We can have butter, fruits, and veggies. At first it sounded horrible and difficult, but the more I research, the easier it sounds. My husband knows a bunch of people who have had success from it. No harm in trying it for a while. Half of the stuff we normally eat, we can have with this diet anyway. Plus, there are certain steps for this diet. What I mean is that you don't have to be as strict as some people. You make it work with your body and lifestyle. For instance, some people will cut out coffee, but my husband will continue to drink his. It will mold and shape to our own lives. I hope it helps because it would be wonderful to be healthier. I'm sure we will start more walks and such too (permitting nice enough weather of course).

Here's to new changes in life!

October 26, 2011

Four months!

Liam is four months old today!! I can't believe it. He also had his check up as well. He's doing great. He is 15lbs 2oz and 24 1/3 inches long! He is in the high 60 for % on both weight and height. His head is in the 80s for % haha but he is doing good. The dr said he has strong lungs, a strong heart beat and strong stomach. He barely has a soft spot anymore as well and we got the ok to do solids. Baby cereal isn't a biggy for us since we don't need it to fill him or help him sleep. It will be nice to just start him on something different though! Oh and he got two shots and the oral today. He was champ on the first shot, but cried on the second. He stopped instantly once I picked him up though

October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Finally, I can let you all in on our family trip to the pumpkin patch. It was rainy and cloudy when we went of course, but luckily the rain held out until we were leaving (then it poured). We arrived and went straight for pictures. We just did a bunch of random pictures since it's Liam's first Halloween type activity. We then got a wheelbarrow (because the place is huge and it would be a nightmare carrying around a pumpkin). We ended up putting Liam in there for a ride and it seemed like he liked it. Everyone was staring and smiling, but hey! Whatever works. We ended up finding him a 44lb pumpkin! Let me tell you, it was big enough to fit Liam in for sure. After pictures and pumpkin searching, we took a break. He was hungry and we wanted baked goods. We got two caramel apples (which were made out of gala apples or something similar - instead of the tart granny smith apples). Let me tell you - those were THE BEST caramel apples I have ever had in my life. THE BEST. We also got a couple apple cider donuts. Those were pretty good too. It was totally worth it. Over all, we had so much fun. Liam was a great little boy and seemed to enjoy it as well. If only I knew what he was thinking haha.

Did anyone else visit any pumpkin patches? Or what else did you do this past weekend?

October 22, 2011

Stay Tuned (Halloween edition)..

I'm not sure if I will get to it tonight or tomorrow, maybe even Monday..but SOON I will have pictures up and a new post! We went to the pumpkin patch today as a family and it was so much fun. We got a huge pumpkin too, which I will be taking pictures of Liam with... you will see ha. Just stay tuned and it will be up soon!

October 19, 2011

Wordless-ish Wednesdays

Wow it has certainly been a while. I'm sorry that I can't blog as much as I would like. It's hard to get any free time when the husband works all day. I'm really hoping to try and get back into blogging soon.

Anyway - I love cuddling with my monster on cold fall days like today.
How do you spend cold fall days? 

October 9, 2011

Football Makes Me Happy

I love Sunday's. They consist of waking up with a happy baby and the Mr, followed by running to Walmart real fast to grab the paper (for coupons of course) AND watching football ALL.DAY.LONG. Mostly I watch my Seahawks play and boy did they pull through today. We played the Giants at their stadium. Jackson (our QB) was looking really good, until third quarter when he got hurt. Then Whitehurst came in. I was glad he got a little playing time and he luckily, wasn't doing too bad. It was such a good game. We were close the WHOLE game and then we just kicked ass at the end and pulled through. We won 36-25. I love days like this. Warm Pumpkin Pie Spice coffee, good football games and my two boys (three I suppose if you count our cat).

Do you love Sunday's? What are your 'traditions?'

October 6, 2011

Extreme Couponing Madness

My friend posted something on facebook earlier about how Extreme Couponing is a little ridiculous sometimes and that got me thinking.

I personally have started couponing about a month ago. However, I am NOT (nor ever will be) close to being an extreme couponer. I am the type that does it to save a little money and to 'get by' in life. Sure, I may take five copies of the same item. However, you will NEVER see me take one hundred! For some reason I love to watch that show, but at the same time it truly pisses me off lol. I mean, who wants to see people clear shelves and take forever in stores? What will non-couponers or even normal couponers do after that? I can understand donating or helping out your family but some go beyond that measure. Sometimes I just want to slap the person on that show and ask them why they think it is ok to clear shelves and piss people off. Plus, they are the ones ruining all the store policies and making couponing even harder.

That is my two cents. It just came to mind because I was looking at my past post of the haul I got ha. What do you think? Is that show out of line, or if you haven't seen it, do you at least coupon or anything else to save money?

October 2, 2011

Deals and Shows.

This is my wonderful lot that I got a few days ago! I paid $40 for all of this, which totaled to about $100 worth. I was pretty freakin excited. Oh and those Chipins from Popcorn, Indiana - they are DELISH. I never thought I could do that good. I have a few more things to get that are free too ha. Gotta love it.

Oh and we went to Uproar fest last night with my husband's friend and wife. It was soooo much fun. Those of you who don't know, it's by Rockstar and it had Avenged Sevenfold headlining, with Three Days Grace (ultimate fave band), Seether, Bullet For My Valentine, and Escape The Fate. I LOVE all those bands. Not as much for Seether, but they were all amazing and I am so glad we went. I hated leaving Liam alone but he was a great little boy and we had a blast. It was what we needed. We were in the grass area and even that was a great spot! I have lots of pictures (might be able to see them on my fb) but here is the best - it's blurry but Avenged Sevenfold had an AMAZING show.

Sorry for the short update, but Liam is calling lol. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. If anyone wants more details, maybe I can update tomorrow!