August 30, 2011


I just want to say how excited I am to go grocery shopping lol. I have lots of coupons because I started recently buying the sunday paper at the dollar store (before that I just printed off coupons). We are going to hit up the commissary on post friday and i'll pick up Adam from work. For a few other things like wic we will go to the walmart near by. I have coupons for any size visine and colgate toothpaste so i'm going to look at walmart in their travel section. Even if they are tiny, it will be free with those coupons. I also have my favorite coupon which is a 'check' I got from Similac (I have a bunch) for $10 off. Well it doesn't say to use like a coupon but like a check so I will use that with a $5 off manufacture coupon and a $2 off target coupon all at target towards the big 1lb tub. Grand total will be like $3 or something like that;how amazing! I also have a coupon that has tequitos on sale at Safeway for $2.99 with a manufacture coupon for $1 off, making them about $2. I have a coupon for playtex tampons on sale at Safeway for $3.49 and a manufacture coupon for $2 off so I get those bad boys for little over $1!! I don't know why but all that makes me happy haha. Adam jokes that I will be an extreme couponer one day.

Do any of you coupon? I'm sure free or almost free stuff makes you happy like me.

August 28, 2011

Two Months Old

I didn't get a chance to do this friday, but I just want to say that I can't believe my baby boy is TWO months old already!! It seems like I JUST had him yesterday. He's getting so big already. He can roll from his stomach to his back, he is starting to coo a lot and he is ALWAYS happy it seems like. He gets cuter every day and he is definitely the love of my life. I still can't believe he is mine or the fact that he is here sometimes. I can't wait to see what the future lies for our little guy. Every day is a blessing and I am glad he is here. He has his two month check up tomorrow so we will see just how much he is growing. :)

August 24, 2011


{one} what's your guilty pleasure tv show?
Millionaire Matchmaker ahaha.

{two} ear piercings on men: yes or no?
Some it looks good but nooo.
{three} do you have dish or comcast?
Comcast booo.
{four} what's your favorite current fashion trend?
I don't really stay with the fashion trends ha.
{five} if you could learn to do anything, money not being an issue, what would it be?
To become a PRO photographer...or learn how to fly a helicopter...something cool like that haha.
{six} red or white wine?
White wine please.
{seven} what type of food is your favorite (ex. italian, mexican, etc.)
Italian; love my pasta!
{eight} hp or mac?
I'm not much into hp's but probably mac! I wish they weren't so spendy though. I'll stick with my Toshiba ;)
{nine} what color is your bedroom?
White with a coral-ish color accent wall. We live in an apt. :(
{ten} what's your favorite form of exercise?
Just walking...outdoors! Or weight lifting! I miss that!

August 23, 2011

Day Five: Six Places

Day Five: Six Places

[One] I would LOVE to go to Europe; mainly Paris and England.

[Two] I would also love to go to the US. When I say US, I mean ALL states. I've only been to WA, OR and SD.

[Three] Going back to Vancouver, BC would be nice. I loved Canada (went my freshmen year of hs for band lol).

[Four] I've been to Sand Lake, OR to the dunes and it never gets old! I can't wait to go back. Probably have to wait until Liam can ride quads haha.

Seattle, WA is a place I was born and a place I LOVE to just day a day or weekend trip to.

[Six] Taiwan is another place I would love to see. It seems so exotic and just one place a lot of people haven't been.

August 20, 2011

Day Four: Seven Wants
[One] A new phone; mine's about dead. My plan needs to be up already!!

[Two] My car to be paid off. We have about a year left of payments maybe.

[Three] Tinted windows; my car is white and it would look amazing. Plus I don't want creepers seeing my child haha.

[Four] A house; I like our apartment but it's time for a house. We're saving up though so one of these days!

To travel western Europe! I have always wanted to go over there and explore.

[Six] For people to mind their own business. Just because I have a son now, doesn't mean we can be friends. Especially those who NEVER talked to me back in high school.

[Seven] To win the lotto would be awesome ;)

August 18, 2011

Day Three: Eight Fears

Day three: Eight fears

[One] Death; specifically dying alone or in a painful way. When the time comes, it better be in my sleep lol.

[Two] Not being the best mother I can be to my child or children.

[Three] Someone harming my family.

[Four] Getting into an accident, especially if my son is in the car. There are some stupid drivers out there.

Getting in serious trouble. I have been in 'trouble' before but I don't think I could last in jail or anything like that.

[Six] Heights; I'm not the biggest fan but I LOVE rides and roller coasters.

[Seven] Elevators; I ran into one when I was little and got separated from family. I don't mind going in them now as much, but there is always that thought. Or if it got stuck!

[Eight] Not having my husband come back from a deployment. I can't even imagine...

August 15, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - 9 loves

Day two : Nine Loves
[One] I LOVE my husband. We have our ups and downs, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

[Two] I LOVE our baby boy. He is our whole world and just looking at him makes my heart melt every time.

[Three] I LOVE blogging. I wish I could do it daily and meet more followers, but it still lets me get stuff out there and is a way to open up.

[Four] I LOVE photography. I wish I had fancy cameras and equipment, but my Canon still helps me with my passion. One day I will be a pro ;)

I LOVE driving with my windows down in the summer and loud music blasting.

[Six] I LOVE meeting new people. I tend to be super shy but I love getting out there and meeting new people, meeting new friends.

I LOVE living in Washington. A lot of people hate the weather but I am used to it. The scenery and things to do are worth it. Only here will you find beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers, green plants... haha.

I LOVE Mustangs and the newer Camaro's. If I could own one of those (or both), I would be in heaven.

I LOVE my closer friends (including those whom I haven't met in person yet). I have lost some friends here and there, but my closer ones are here to stay. Without them, I don't know where I would be! They are amazing.

August 14, 2011

Ten Day You Challenge

Thanks to Ashley over at Celebrating Life as an Army Wife, I found a new challenge!

Not sure if I will do these every day or just randomly, but it's a great idea!!

Day one : Ten secrets
[One] I may seem outgoing and all, but I am actually extremely shy when you first meet me.

[Two] The thought of death scares me; whether my family, myself, or a friend.

[Three] I say I hate country, but the newer 'pop' type country is not bad at all (just the twangy old stuff - kwim?).

[Four] I'm a night own and I wish there were more hours at night; If I could sleep all day and stay up all night I would.

I am THE biggest procrastinator ever, yet some how did well in school.

[Six] I constantly wish I could change how my body looks, yet nothing seems to work.

[Seven] I would love to travel to other places around the world, yet I am afraid to live anywhere else but Washington because I have lived here my whole life.

[Eight] I am pretty much OCD about volumes on the radio or tv; I have to have the number end in a 0,5 or even number. I have to change the volume otherwise.

[Nine] Driving with loud music and the windows down is my favorite thing to do, but don't take me as the driver for a spontaneous road trip unless you know where you are going. I hate driving when I don't know where I am.

[Ten] I would actually love to be some sort of doctor or nurse, but I HATE science of any kind. I'm just not good at it.

August 10, 2011

Wordless-ish Wednesdays

hahaha every time I would kiss him on the cheek, he would do that! oh how I love him.

August 8, 2011

Six Weeks!

I was going to do this yesterday, but sometimes this whole new motherhood, SAHM business keeps me on my toes! I can't believe it has already been six whole weeks since we first met our little man. He is just growing and getting stronger every day! I can't believe how different he is in just a month and a half! I think time needs to slow down, for real. He is starting to smile more, be more alert and coo. I love it! I have a feeling he will be crawling and walking in no time ha. He is so active and attentive to everything. He is starting to notice more; looking at the mobile above his swing. He tolerates his baths more and even enjoys his swing for a little bit! I love watching him grow!

As for me, I am doing well at six weeks post partum! I am down about 30lbs from my pregnancy already! I still have 20lbs to go :( but at this rate, maybe I can lose them too! It would be nice to lose another 20lbs at least after that but I wont get ahead of my self haha. Once he is a tad bit older and tolerates his car seat more (does well in the car), I want to take him on daily walks! I need to get walking again at least. My incision from my c-section is pretty much healed. I feel back to my old self again (minus the extra weight). I'm glad that now I can just focus on Mr. Liam. I don't have to worry as much about hurting myself!

Here's a video of Liam inching along haha.

August 4, 2011

A Bit Nervous!

My husband's cousin is getting married at the end of the month to a military guy. Well, she asked me to take her pictures. I am sure honored, but at the same time I am extremely nervous. I love photography and always wanted to do wedding pictures. However, I have NEVER ever, ever taken wedding pictures before. I am so afraid I will mess them up or not do a good job. The last thing I want is for them to hate what I take. Also, I SUCK at poses. I haven't worked with people much so I am all awkward when it comes to posing and such. My camera isn't even that good. I mean, it's a good camera and it was expensive, but I don't have any professional cameras or lenses; none of that stuff. I only have a Canon Powershot s5 iS. I guess I will just practice with my camera some more and look online for ideas and tips.

Do any of you amazing followers have any tips or tricks for me? Any ideas? I just want to do a great job for them!!

August 3, 2011


{one} what was one thing that you valued when you were a kid?
Being so free and careless. These days I worry ALL THE TIME about everything and it stresses me out sometimes.

{two} what was your favorite (+ least favorite) subject in school?
I loved English because I was good at it. I would have said band and body conditioning but those aren't really 'subjects' haha. My least favorite would have been Science and math booo haha.

{three} do you remember your first love?
My ex, oh boy. I thought I was in love but I don't really think I was. I think I just liked the idea of it with him. If you don't count him, my husband would be mine. ;)

{four} what one pet would you love to have?
PENGUIN duhh! Anyone who knows me would agree lol.

{five} would you rather live in the country or in the city?
I HATE traffic. I lived in the country mostly, but live more in the city now. I like in between. Not too far in country, but not smack in the middle of the city.

{six} what do you love about blogging?
I love getting out what is in my head and of course YOU followers! I love meeting new people through this.

{seven} what is the first website you visit everyday?
Facebook haha.

{eight} will you or have you joined google+?
I would have joined but the 'capacity is exceeded' right now. My husband invited me.

{nine} what is your favorite scent of candle/air freshener?
That is sooo hard. During the summer, I love fruity/clean scents. Durring fall, pumpkin or other baking goods by far!

{ten} how would you describe your style?
Comfy. I don't really have a style. I just wear jeans and a shirt ha.

August 1, 2011

Thanks to my friend Ashley at we have this awesome question and it's a tough one for me!

10 things I would do if I won the lottery

1.  Set aside some money in savings so we can one day be home owners!

2.Pay off some or all of my car payment that's left.

3.Get my windows tinted in my car (I hate the idea of people peeking in on me and my child haha).

4.Get the next tattoo I want for Liam!

5. Go on vacation somewhere as a little family!

6. Fly out to a few different places to see friends!

7. Give some money to both of our parents just to thank them for everything.

8. Maybe get some braces; my teeth are horrible (at least the top ones).

9. Fix my husband's car (or get him a new one).

10. Use the rest for play money haha

What would you do if you won the lotto?