September 29, 2011

Long Time No See..

I truly apologize to my WONDERFUL followers. I have been slacking tremendously on my blog and I am sorry for that. I wish I had more eventful stuff to write about, but sadly I do not. Lately, not much has been going on. I was sick, then Liam got sick, then Adam got sick - the whole household was sick. In fact, everyone seems sick around here. There is definitely something going around. THEN add on the fact that Adam has been working a ton. Well, I just haven't been on much. I take care of Liam and when he naps, I catch up on shows or clean up the place a bit. I miss coming on here every morning, but soon I will get back into the swing of things and come on more than I have been.

On another note - I have a fantastic shopping trip planned. Well, sort of. I have lots of great deals and coupons to find/use. I should be getting a bunch of great stuff for cheap or free. I'm pretty excited haha. Couponing is like crack; an addiction! I mind you; I will NEVER be an 'extreme' couponer or anything. You wont see me hauling out 100 bottles of body wash or anything. I look for cheap stuff here and there and then just any other deals I can get, especially for the stuff we actually need. If you didn't read my first 'real' couponing trip, you can find that here.

September 23, 2011

Day Eight: Three Films.

I know, i've been slacking!!

Day Eight: Three Films.

[One] Despicable Me; I loveeeee the little girl and I want minions ha.

[Two] Fast and the Furious; I love them all!

[Three] Yes Man; I love Jim Carrey - he is my fave!

September 20, 2011

Big Boy!

About 2.75 months old.
13lbs, 23inches long.
What a big boy he is becoming.
I can't believe how much like Adam he looks.
Can time slow down? Thanks.

September 17, 2011

Grandpa and Liam

I would just like to say that I LOVE seeing my dad with Liam. He is just so cute when he tries to talk to him and hold him haha. He actually only really holds him if I need to do something real fast and can't or don't want to set him down. I think he might feel weird, just because my half brother and half sister both have children, but they are all older. I mean years and years old. Not little babies like Liam. Today I went down to visit my friend and I stopped to see my dad before I came home. Seeing him with Liam makes me happy. He tries to make him smile and talk. He even got Liam to giggle a little, it was amazing. It's funny to think that when I first got pregnant, I was a little hesitant to even tell my dad. Now look at him! He is one proud grandpa.

I think it is cute to see ANY of the grandparents with him. I just love seeing the interaction haha.

My dad holding Liam for the first time, the day after I had him.

September 12, 2011


I am sorry for the leave of absence. It might be a little while unless I have free time. I am currently sick with...something. I have that type of cough where my throat AND chest hurts. Also, my husband is having surgery thursday, so I will be helping him more I'm sure. Hang in there and i'll try to post when I can!

P.S. Liam is doing great! I think he is teething though since starting a week or so ago, he started chewing/sucking on his hands and drooling like a fool haha. No signs of pain though so that's good. =]

EDIT: Turns out I guess Adam doesn't have hernias. He just has a tear that will heal on it's own and does NOT have to have surgery... AND has a four day weekend lol.

September 9, 2011

I love coupons. =]

I got all of this for $25!!

2 packs of size 3 diapers (96ct each) - $20
2 things of Welchs Grape Juice - $3
Colgate Max toothpaste - $1
K-Y Jelly - FREE

So this is what happened. On the diapers, Babies R Us and Toys R Us were having a deal on the 21-29ct or whatever on the Huggies Jean Diapers for $5. Well, mine was out and so they called into the store that's in Tacoma (which is about 35 mins away). I go all the way up there and it turns out they held the big packs you see above, which are NOT the $5 ones. So they talk to the manager and she marks them down (they were originally like $22.99 or something but BRU has them on sale for 2 for $40). ANYWAY - she marked them down to $10 each for me because of the mix up!! That is great! I was pretty happy. I got twice as much for the price of the 4 packs at $5 I was originally going to get. For the juice, Safeway has them for $2.99 each, but I have a coupon for $1.99 each...AND another coupon for $1 off of two juices. That made the total for both $3. Then I had a $0.50 off coupon for the toothpaste and my friend saw them at Walmart for $1.50 so that was a dollar. THEN I had $3 off any K-Y jelly and it was $2.80 something so that was a steal AND I made like $0.30 towards my bill. =]

I'm starting to get ahang of this couponing stuff. Everything I got normally would have cost like $55 or so!

September 5, 2011

Day Seven: Four Books

Day Seven: Four Books

[One] Under The Dome by Stephen King (favorite author)

[Two] Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (she's a great author too)

[Three] 11,002 Things to Be Miserable About by Lia and Nick Romeo (just for fun)

[Four] Crank by Ellen Hopkins (what an insane book)

September 1, 2011

Day Six: Five Foods

Day Six:Five Foods

[One] Chips and dip (usually either spinach and artichoke or salsa con queso) - I just can't get enough of those!

[Two] Steak - you can never go wrong with that!

[Three] Reeses - my ultimate favorite candy. You give me any type and you will be my friend forever haha.

[Four] Chinese - Can't go wrong with orange chicken and egg rolls; my fave!

Seafood - I love me some seafood. Crab, oysters, shrimp; love it all.