May 31, 2011

What A Weekend!

Now that I finally have the time - I can tell you all about this past weekend. It was actually fairly boring, but my husband and I DID decide to go on a random adventure Sunday haha. We decided to go up to Snoqualmie Falls and I mind you, it is about an hour 1/2 away. What a drive that was, but it was nice! We had a really good time and I think it was something we really needed before Liam got here. I'm so glad the pregnancy is going fairly well so that I can still go run around like this. The next week or so though I think we will be staying fairly close to home. I get too paranoid haha. Anyway, we checked out the falls, as well as went downtown and look at the Railway Museum. It was all pretty neat! I wish I got pictures of downtown because it has that old rustic, downtown feel and it was neat! We also went towards the pass and explored this HUGE lake Adam found from going to Yakima so much for military training. It was so cold there was still snow! Anyway - it was a nice day and I am glad we went, despite the drive up.

Now some pictures since I FINALLY got to use my camera.

May 30, 2011

My Goodness...

I have not posted on here in ages! I REALLY need to think of some clever things to start blogging about before I lose all you wonderful followers!! I promise to have a good post tomorrow, for sure! The husband and I went on a slight adventure yesterday and I finally got to take some lovely pictures of scenery and such! I haven't gotten a chance to do some photography work in ages. I have my weekly doctor appointment tomorrow at 10:45am and then I should be able to upload the pictures and blog once I get home. It will be an afternoon post, even though I try to post in the morning. Oh well, my blog needs some love! Or you can just help me out and grab my button to spread the love. Any ideas? I need to get my blog up and rolling again! I know that soon things will be crazy since at some point Liam needs to make an entrance. However, I read some blogs of you wonderful ladies who have recently had a child or have a crazy hectic family. You still manage time to blog and I need to as well!! I love you all and thank you for still following me! I hope you all had a good weekend!

May 25, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesdays!

{one} what’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?
I met this guy off the internet and it was just awkward. We didn't say much to each other and I never heard from him again haha.

{two} if you could be any other person for one day, who would it be?
I have no idea, but anyone who travels a lot. I have only been out of country once and that was to Canada. I would love to go to Europe.

{three} what is your favorite kind of cheese?
Uh, EVERYTHING - I love  cheese haha. Probably just good old fashion cheddar!

{four} do you remember your 1st grade teacher?
No I don't, sadly haha.

{five} who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?
My husband!

{six} were you ever in a school talent show?
HA no. I hate being in the spotlight.

{seven} who is your favorite fictional character?
Sadly, I can't think of who I would want to be.

{eight} can you open your eyes underwater?
Yes I can! Well, usually if it's normal water at least haha. I wear contacts though so I try not to.

{nine} do you look at the keyboard when you type?
Not usually.

{ten} when was the last time you took a nap?
Technically today because I got up early, took the husband to work and then came back and slept haha. Although that could count as just going back to sleep.

May 24, 2011

Depressing Post of the Day

Fair warning - I need to vent because I'm pretty depressed now ha. I had my last two week doctor appointment today. From here on I'll be going once a exciting. However, I gained like 12lbs or something in the last two weeks. Tell me - HOW does someone do that?! I haven't even been eating that bad. I think in the last two weeks I have had only a couple slip ups and had a little candy or ice cream (husband doesn't help). Seriously though, TWELVE POUNDS though?! COME ON. I hope that scale is messed up haha. That brings my total weight gain to 46lbs I think. Or something close to that. Now I know that is not bad at all, but for me it is! I was overweight before I even got pregnant. At first I thought 'this isn't so bad' because I was only gaining 3-4lbs a month. I know it goes up in your last trimester, but not this much! I think if I wasn't so overweight before I got pregnant, I wouldn't care as much. My OB could have gone without the whole 'you need to watch your weight' speech. It really made me feel down.

Not only that, but he said that Liam is still feeling large. I sure hope he is wrong, but I DO look pretty big ugh. I really don't want a C-section. It's not the fact that I will be cut open or anything like that because surgery and needles don't bother me. It's the fact that you can't really see anything, you're not pushing, they hold the baby up for a picture and to see him/her and then they snatch the baby away. I want to go vaginally and him on my chest to hold as soon as it's all over. I like the closeness of it all, unlike a C-section. If you are understanding me? I guess though if he's big, he's big. Nothing I can really do.

To add on to my awesome day, I need more contacts! I stopped using them when I got pregnant because my eyes didn't like them for some reason - so I've been wearing my glasses. Anyway, I am sick and tired of my glasses so I want contacts back before Liam gets here. Well, it's been a year since my eye exam. Since the husband is in the Army, we have Tricare. However, they do not cover the contacts part of the eye exam. They only cover the glasses part - SO there goes $159! PLUS my box of contacts is like $70 so there goes a bunch of money. :( It really makes me sad but I haven't had any at least 6 months so I saved SOME money haha.

Other than that - today is ok. I need to start cleaning and doing Liam's laundry before he's here... busy,busy,busy.

May 22, 2011

Want to Know Me?

I ALMOST FORGOT! haha I can't believe it's sunday!

1. what's your favorite rainy day activity?
Read a good book or cuddle up next to my husband.

2. what time do you go to bed?
When Adam has to work - usually somewhere around 9-10pm. Otherwise around 11pm.

3. how many magazines do you subscribe to?

4. did you sell all your belongings because you thought the world was ending yesterday?
HA yeah right. I don't believe in any of that stuff. Silly people!

5. what's your beauty obssesion?
Lipgloss from bath and body works ;)

6. if you could only wear one designer/brand for the rest of your life...what would it be?
That's a tough one. I honestly couldn't tell you haha...especially since I wear whatever is comfy or appealing to me. I don't focus on brands.

7. what's your summer must have?
Flip flops!

8. do you make weekly dinner menus?
HA no. I should, but I just kind of make whatever sounds good that night.

May 20, 2011

36 Weeks!

How far along: 36 weeks!
Total weight gain: 34lbs so far (check up tuesday so we will see)
How big baby is: He is about the size of
a crenshaw melon; about 6 pounds and 18 1/2 inches long.
Maternity clothes: Same old same old!
Stretch Marks: I feel like I see more every time I look in the mirror. =/
Sleep: Been having trouble falling asleep but once that happens I am good.
Best moment this week: I found a boppy at a baby consignment shop for $10 WIN (normally like $25).
Worst moment this week: Back pain in epic proportions. :(
Movement: He has calmed down a bit, but still moves a lot.
Food cravings:
Nothing really, surprisingly.
Belly Button (In or Out): Still in!
Gender: Our handsome!
Labor Signs: Oh the usual round ligament pain and HOLY COW pushing on my bladder..and now back pain.
What I am looking forward to: I'll be full term next week so game on!
What I miss: Being able to sleep anyway I want and to fall asleep easily.

May 19, 2011


It seems like the closer I get to Liam being here, the more excited I become. At first, the closer I got, the more nervous and scared I was. Now that I am realizing how much I want him here, I am getting more excited than scared (which I am sooo glad). I visited one of my best friends whom I have known since forever who recently had her baby boy. Seeing how in love she is with him and holding him, helping her out, makes me even more excited for Liam to be here. I think that is when it really sank in. She has her precious baby boy and I am next. I will be 36 weeks tomorrow so it's pretty much game on at any time. I would prefer to make it to June, but he will be ready when he is ready. We have everything ready for him. I want to be able to wash all of his stuff and clean up the apartment good, but my nesting hasn't really kicked in. I wish it would so I could be doing that instead of sitting around all day bored haha. I also need to call a pediatrician for him but worst case, I will have to just call when I am in the hospital (NOT what I want though haha).

On another note, I have been having some serious back pain. People are asking how far apart and saying that they hope I don't have back labor. However, I don't think it is anything dealing with labor quite yet. Although, who knows. I mean, I only have this pain maybe 4 times the whole entire day, MAX. It's not like I have a couple in one hour or what have you. Plus, I had minor back pain at the beginning of my pregnancy. All I can do is wait and see though. I have a check up tuesday morning so I will bring it up to my doctor. After that I will be going weekly so that will be good. Other than that, not much has been happening. I have just been making sure I have everything ready for him. My husband is getting super excited too, it's cute. The other day he said 'goodbye' to Liam as he went to work. LOVE it. :) Our time will come soon!

May 18, 2011

A Lil Wee Bit!

{one} do you watch the history channel? if so, what’s your favorite program?
My husband watches these kinds of channels a lot. I'm not the biggest fan, but will watch it with him..such as The Universe and such.

{two} what is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Stay in, watch movies and cuddle. OR read a book ha.

{three} what does your dream house look like?
Just the typical newer looking house...maybe with brick, a nice yard, trees, maybe two stories...

{four} what state were you born in?
Washington and behold! I am still here haha.

{five} do you have a change jar? if so, what do you use it for when it gets full?
We have a change....bowl haha. It's just a plastic bowl. We have yet to fill it since we normally just use our debit card.

{six} what’s the first website you look at when you get on the computer?
Facebook. I have no life.

{seven} what is your favorite breakfast?
Either french toast or waffles. I loveee breakfast food ha... or even just cereal!

{eight} what’s the most memorable trip you’ve ever taken?
I went to Vancouver, Canada with the high school band my freshman year in high school. It was so much fun! I want to go back one day.

{nine} do you prefer your coffee black or with cream/milk/sugar?
Lots and lots of cream or sugar haha. I hate black coffee.

{ten} have you ever done a professional photo shoot?
As in had my picture done? I did once with one of my best friends many many years ago.

May 17, 2011

Stop Time

Things have been pretty crazy lately, I feel that time needs to slow down or stop so I can have a breather. This last Saturday Adam and I went down to his grandma's house for our second baby shower. It was nice to see the in-laws again and a couple friends. Liam is definitely loved and I am thankful for that. Sunday we went to the mall because a friend gave us a Gymboree gift card. We ended up getting:
Adam says he needs to start showing his guns HA

They are all 6-12 months but that works because we are definitely set on newborn, 0-3 and 3 months clothing. Yesterday I got some more random things we still needed from Target. I also had a 40% off coupon for Borders so I ordered a baby book for Liam. Originally I was going to just record stuff in the scrapbook my sister got us. However, I wanted to put a 'baby book' or whatever I used to record things in his memory box. Lets just say the scrapbook is way too big to put in there ha. This baby record book is a lot smaller and will fit nicely. Plus, there is SO much room to write down tons of information. I can't wait to get it in the mail next week (in person, Borders only had the 'girl' version). 

On another note - one of my best friends had her baby boy the other day! He is super cute and came into the world at 7lbs, 4oz and 19in long. She tried so hard to have him normally, but ended up not progressing fast enough so they had her go in for a C-section. She's such a trooper and I should be going to see her and little Xander today! She was my pregnant buddy since she was only a couple weeks ahead of me. I am so happy for her and her husband. I know that they will be wonderful parents.

Aside from all that craziness, not much else has been going on. I have just been trying to sleep and spend time with Adam before Liam gets here. I have been just trying to think about what all needs to get done still. At some point I need the energy so I can clean the carpet well, wash all of Liam's clothes/bedding, and put some of the stuff from the last baby shower plus what I got away...AND I need to register the car seat/stroller travel set soon, plus get the car seat base in the car. All of this is easy, I just need the energy. Sometimes I wish the nesting would kick in haha. Maybe later this week i'll start all of that cleaning.

I hate that I don't update on here as much as I used to and I know that things will only be getting crazier - so I apologize for the lack of posts that will be happening. I am so glad I can be entertaining enough for 35 followers. Even though that is not much, I remember when I had 5 haha. I love you all and thank you for following along!.

May 15, 2011

Get To Know Me.

1. have you ever gone to see a movie by yourself? 
Yes I have, when the husband was deployed.
2. would you rather go through a tornado or a hurricane?   
I would rather not go through either one haha.

3. have you made summer vacation plans?   
HA nope. Well, aside from Liam being here.  

4. what's your favorite accessory?   
My rings.  

5. have you ever been thrown a surprise party?
I wish haha. I love surprise parties.  

6. are you friends with your neighbors? 
HA nope; maybe one day when we own a house.  

7. what's the last movie you saw in the theater?   
Fast Five!  

8. what's your favorite food network show?  
Anything dealing with Cakes hahah.

May 13, 2011


How far along: 35 weeks!
Total weight gain: 34lbs so far (gained 7lbs last check up ugh)
How big baby is: He is about the size of
a honeydew; averaging 18 inches long and 5 1/4 pounds.
Maternity clothes: Same old same old!
Stretch Marks: I feel like I see more every time I look in the mirror. =/
Sleep: Been having trouble falling asleep but once that happens I am good.
Best moment this week: Getting my diaper bag in the mail hahaha. Makes things a bit more real once I get that packed.
Worst moment this week: I have been sitting around doing nothing. I know I should be glad but I hate being bored lol.
Movement: Uh, when does he not move? :)
Food cravings:
Nothing lately, aside from wanting a smoothing from Emerald City!
Belly Button (In or Out): Still in!
Gender: Our handsome!
Labor Signs: Oh the usual round ligament pain and HOLY COW pushing on my bladder.
What I am looking forward to: Second baby shower at the in-laws tomorrow!
What I miss: Being able to sleep anyway I want and to fall asleep easily.

***Sorry it took so long to get the picture up - I've been going, going, going all day***

May 11, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday

{one} what profession have you always admired?
Doctors for sure. Sometimes they mess up, but no one is perfect. However, from all the times they have saved my dad's life, I could not be more grateful.

{two} what would the title of your memoir/biography be if it was written today?
That is a very good question. I'm sure it would involve something about 'crazy' since my life is insane lately.

{three} how far do you commute to work?
I don't work haha. I'm a stay at home wife and soon to be mom. :) Although I did have college and that was 'work' to me... but my college is literally right down the road. It would take maybe 2 minutes haha.

{four} are your earlobes attached or detached?

{five} do you eat the unpopped kernels of popcorn at the bottom of the bag?
Only if they are half popped or else they are too hard.

{six} what is the strangest gift you’ve ever received?
I don't think I have ever received anything too strange...

{seven} what is one tv show that you wish hadn’t been cancelled?
All those shows I grew up with as a kid. You know - Hey Arnold, Aahh Real Monsters, Doug hahahah.

{eight} what is something that you are saving money for right now?
Our baby boy! Still have some stuff to get for him...and then eventually a new bed.

{nine} what hobby would you like to take up?
I already do photography but I would like to get into that more. Other than that, maybe something else artsy. I love crafts!

{ten} how many times a year do you get really dressed up?
Never really. I used to when I would go clubbing or something, but not much anymore.

May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

With today being Mother's day, I have a lot to think about. My mom was never in my life. My dad took over since as long as I can remember. I remember when I turned 18, my mom contacted me and tried to get me to talk to her more and reconnect with me. I thought it was the weirdest thing ever and I never did write her or call her. I haven't heard from her since and that was about 3 1/2 years ago. 

Now that I am married, my mother-in-law is now my mom in a way. She is always there if we have issues and wants to know what is going on. Most importantly we get along, period. I was always worried that I would have the MIL that didn't like me or didn't support us but she is so nice, so caring and that whole family definitely loves one another.

Even more so, it is crazy now to think that I will be a mother soon. Within about a month Liam will be here. I am not really celebrating today but I did get some "Happy Mother's Day" messages from friends and family. I guess those who are mothers to be should still be appreciated today. It definitely takes a lot to grow a healthy child! I never knew how much I could love someone who isn't even here yet, who is just so little.

So to all you mothers and mothers to be - Happy Mothers Day!

May 6, 2011

Thirty-Four Weeks

How far along: 34 weeks!
Total weight gain: 27lbs so far (next weigh in is tuesday)
How big baby is: He is about the size of a an average cantaloupe! Average baby is about 4 3/4 pounds and almost 18 inches long!
Maternity clothes: Same old same old!
Stretch Marks: I noticed some more up by the 'ladies' haha.
Sleep: Been having trouble falling asleep but once that happens I am good.
Best moment this week: Getting more done for Liam's room and essentials.
Worst moment this week: I ran around too much yesterday and think I felt a couple contractions; no fun!
Movement: Uh, when does he not move? :)
Food cravings:
Nothing lately, surprisingly.

Belly Button (In or Out): Still in!
Gender: Our handsome!
Labor Signs: Oh the usual round ligament pain.

What I am looking forward to: Dr appt tuesday; we are getting closer and closer!
What I miss: Being able to go all day with running around with friends.

May 2, 2011

Anxious, Excited, Nervous, Scared.

That is currently how I feel right now. It is now May...MAY. Where has the year gone? Didn't it JUST turn 2011. Actually I swear it was just 2010. In fact, I swear I just found out I was pregnant in October of 2010. Now here we are, seven months later. I can safely say that Liam will be here next month. NEXT MONTH. I can't believe it! I don't think I am ready yet. We still have some stuff to buy, I need to get in the mental state of the fact that we will actually be parents next month, that he will be here and I will actually be in labor. Granted, I hope he comes around his due date but we will see how his plans go. He is due June 17th. However, my mind will be set to be ready starting June 1st in case he decides to come early. I definitely don't see him coming to this world this month because I haven't had any problems. Although, life springs things on you last minute so who knows. If he DOES want to be late, Father's day would be pretty awesome haha. All I want is him to be healthy. Part of me is scared because I always wonder if I will be a good mother. Labor in general scares me. Not really the pain aspect (well, ok I lied - partly does) but more the fact that it will be my duty to bring him into our world. I plan on NOT having a c-section and I am hoping I don't have to. I would rather do it naturally. C-sections don't scare me, it's the fact that you can't see what is going on, the fact that they hold up the baby and quickly snatch them away. I just like the idea of doing it naturally and then being able to hold him while he is cleaned off, to instantly get that bonding effect. I just hope everything goes smoothly. Sometimes it is even hard for me to believe he is even in my belly to speak, let alone the fact that he will be here NEXT month.

This has been going through my mind daily now. Don't get me wrong, I am more than excited. It is just all so new and overwhelming to me.