January 16, 2011

Worst. Day. Ever (TMI)

OH.MY.WORD... I had THE worst day ever. I have lucked out so far in this pregnancy because the only symptoms I've had are occasional acid reflux and headaches...but TODAY oh man... I don't know if I am sick and have some stomach bug or if it's finally morning sickness, but I'm pretty sure (TMI) that I threw up every hour or so while awake. Adam made me take PM's and pass out, but I kept waking up to drink water and as soon as I stood up I was sick again. We finally went to the store and he got me pepto bismal and so far I haven't been sick (for the longest time so far while being awake). We will see though, I can't seem to keep anything down but i've been sipping tea and a gatorade for some type of nourishment. I'm not hungry and Adam thinks I should eat some tomato soup but I'm afraid I may puke it up lol. I figure it would be easiest to eat or easiest incase I get sick again. Adam thinks i'm sick though because he has indigestion bad and also has a really good immune system...so we will see. :(

Good thing my husband is amazing and has been great towards all this.

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