March 29, 2011

Finally! An Update!

Whew I can finally make an update!! I FINALLY got the memory box for Liam done!! It only took FOREVER haha. I am quite happy with it, as long as it doesn't fall apart haha. I also found the dresser for his room! I hope it matches the crib ok but I guess it wont be the end of the world if it doesn't. On the first, I'm going to order it at and have it shipped free to the store. Then whatever week it comes, I'll have my dad come up that weekend so that Adam can help load/unload it since I can't lift much. I'll also be going to target to get the organizer and drawers I want for the room AND probably nice drawers to put under the changing table for more storage (I like organization ha). Other than a chair, we will have everything. I may order that too if I can find one but that can wait for now...maybe ha. I'm getting excited to be getting his room together! That dresser will be the next project I do for when Adam is at work all day!!

His memory box (excuse the white...the glue is still drying - luckily dries clear)
dresser (on sale from $230 to $198)
organizer (in store it is a little darker luckily but we will see - I want to get dark green and also the cream colored drawers for it)
Other than that, things are good! I have been trying to sell my old PS2 forever now and I found some soldier who will buy it tomorrow for $100!!! So tomorrow my friend is coming with me to meet him on post at one of the shoppettes (the gas station area). He better not try to scam me... I know his rank AND his name LOL. I'm good with meeting people online though so it should be fine. Plus he seems nice from what I have talked to with him. I don't even think it's worth that much, but HE is the one who gave me the price! Adam and I are also trying to sell this Warhammer figurine/toy/game things that his friend got him when he was deployed because they were going to play... well the whole set is worth like $500+ so I am hoping eventually someone will buy them!! Wouldn't that be nice!! I put up ads on craigslist and the ft. lewis yard sale site and he will probably make a post on ebay later.

How is everyone else doing?!

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