March 3, 2011

Sweet! My First Award.

SWEET, I got an award! All thanks to the lovely Rhaissa
When you receive the award you must pass it along to 8 other bloggers. Share 8 things about yourself then, pass it along!

  1. I watch far too many crime shows.
  2. I played the clarinet back in grade/middle/high school for eight years total.
  3. One day I want to own a Mustang or the newer Camaros
  4. My dream job is to work as a photographer for National Geographic ;)
  5. I'm left handed, but do most things right handed (except write and use silverware).
  6. I WILL own a Chinchilla one day; I think they are cute.
  7. Most days I am too lazy to wear makeup, but hate going without it.
  8. To calm myself down, I go on drives in my car when I can and blast loud music.

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