July 2, 2012

Liam is a Year Old Already?

I have been super busy and forgot to post updates about Liam being a year old. A YEAR OLD. How did that happen?! I swear I just had him. I seriously can't believe how fast this part year went. I still can't believe it's 2012 sometimes in general. Anyway, he is doing good and growing well! He is now 20lbs 13oz and 29 inches long. His head is still in the 80's for percentile but that's no big deal ha. He will always have a big head ;). He has been walking since 9 months and is trying to run now haha. Especially when he's chasing us. He is quite a ball though, he takes blocks from his box and throws them, he recently found his nose so he sticks his finger up there and he talks a LOT. He doesn't say many words but he jabbers like crazy. He cracks me up all the time and I love it. He definitely has quite the personality. We finally took down the gate that kept him with us by the couches. We put half up to block the hallway and rooms, plus the other half for the kitchen. He just has more freedom and likes it more it seems. We started mixing whole milk with formula about a week and a half before he was one.

He switched over perfectly and is going great on milk. Liam also eats EVERYTHING. He is definitely not picky, unless he has too much of one thing. He can't have the same food all day or the next day. I can understand a variety; I'm the same way. He LOVES veggies and fruit. He loves meat too but he loves corn and fruit so much it's ridiculous. Although I did crave fruit a lot when I was pregnant with him. ;) This summer has been weird, but we took him to the pool for the first time. He needed a nap so he was sleepy and even fell asleep on me...he would. He climbs, he plays hide and seek with you, and he loves swings. He is just a big ball of energy. I can not wait to see how this next year will be. He is amazing and I can not believe how much I can love such a little man.

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