January 9, 2011

Wonderful Seahawks Game!

For some random reason, my husband decided that he wanted to buy tickets to the Seahawks vs. Saints game in Seattle (which is about an hour away from us). We had horrible luck with that. He called ticketmaster at work to buy them (since he friend ordered some as well). We thought it was a good deal because it was only $115 for pretty good seats. Well, Thursday comes and we find out that they only sent us one ticket. So we are freaking out, i'm upset and everything... so I call my dad and LUCKILY he let us borrow money for two more tickets (we will pay him back on payday). So that next day (Friday) I look for tickets on the ticket exchange portion of ticketmaster (where others are selling their tickets). I found two tickets in better seating than the original tickets for only $85 a ticket! So I get those ordered and the husband finds someone else to buy our old ticket. FINALLY we get everything on track. 

Saturday comes around for the game and we barely make it to the last Sounders train from Tacoma up to Seattle. It only runs on special days for football games and soccer games. We get up there at about 11:45am and it's unbelievable. I couldn't believe how many people were up there already. We found his friends and got the extra ticket at will call. Then we got through the gate and watched Blue Thunder (the drumline) perform for a minute. Then we walked alllllll the way up this huge ramp (I swear, it would never end) and we finally got up top to our area. Turns out we were on the wrong side, oops, so we had to walk around the whole stadium to our seats haha. We got food on the way though. We knew it would be expensive, but we didn't want to wonder around outside of the stadium and risk missing kickoff and such. We got Ivars, it was good! We finally got to our seats and they weren't bad at all.

Yesterday was UH-mazing though!! That's all I have to say. I am so glad the husband and I decided to spend money and go to the game! I never would have thought we would have done so well against the Saints (winning 41-36)!! I couldn't hear that well by the end and my voice was shot...but it was well worth it. The best part was having strangers come up to you and give you hugs and high fives haha. Love it. Now watching games on tv is just...weird. When we left, everyone was walking down the ramps (since we were in the upper level), chanting "Sea-hawks" haha it was awesome. I was annoyed by Saints fans yelling "Who dat" though... but whatever...everyone was yelling "Who dat, we dat" by the end anyway. It was a great night though, overall. 

If I was at the point where I could feel the baby kicking, i'm sure he/she would be going CRAZY. It was so loud, especially when Lynch got that touchdown at the end. I'm sure the baby would have hated me... loud people, jumping up and down stairs, walking WAY too much...We were so worn out, we were in bed by 10:30pm hahaha. Now we are watching more football and waiting for the in-laws to come up for dinner. I kind of wish they weren't because I just want to sit around and be lazy...alone..but oh well. Guess i'll do that monday (aside from school work ha). It was all worth it though. It was not only our first NFL game, but the baby's.

Qwest Field
Seahawks Coming On The Field
From our seats
Us =]

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