February 26, 2011

One of Those Lazy Days

Today is one of those 'alone time, have to be lazy' kind of days. You know, one of those days where you sit back and relax on the couch all day. Those days where you spend all day on the computer and watch watching movies, pigging out. I am definitely having one of those days! My husband is gone for the night on a little trip to Yakima. I could only imagine how cold it is over there. While he is gone, I decide to make myself comfy on the couch, watch some movies, eat pizza, and spend countless hours online.

This is my lovely jewel for dinner tonight. I went to Safeway and it turns out they were having a $5 family special on DiGiorno pizzas. I don't mind frozen pizza at all and delivery costs way too much. Besides, I haven't had pizza in quite some time. My mind was blown when I saw that they now had sides! I had no idea! Especially CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE sides!! You just can't go wrong there! So for dinner, I shall veg out on pepperoni pizza and chocolate chip cookies! I suppose I will be nice and save my husband some. ;)

In other news, weeks ago my friend and I found cute little plants that you grow yourself at Target. Have you ever seen that $1 area in the front? Well that's where we got them! I only got basil for now, because I wasn't sure it would grow but LOOK! It's definitely starting to grow. I'm excited and can't wait to use it. You're supposed to transfer to a larger pot when they get bigger so we shall see. I mind you, this pot that came with it is smaller than the palm of my hand, probably about the size of a tennis ball. I'm just pretty excited about that!

What do you do when you are home alone or have those lazy days?


  1. Hey there! Found you over on 20SB, and I'm leaving a penny like I said I would! :)

    I'm with you -- on those lazy days, I spend hours on the computer catching up on blogs and watching TV shows on Netflix Instant Streaming. I also end up cleaning a lot when my eyes need a break from the screens.

    Happy Lazy Day!

  2. Welcome! Thanks! 20 SB is great, I'm glad my friend suggested it!

    That's what I do! I get tired of sitting here looking at the computer screen or tv that sometimes I just HAVE to clean up or do something else. Although, lazy days are still nice! Glad i'm not alone haha.

  3. I'm never home alone as Jen and I are literally together 24/7, but I love that! For us, lazy days... LIKE TODAY!... Include napping, fun TV, yummy food that we either pop in the oven or microwave or yummy food that we cook plus plenty of online time!

  4. I'm home along pretty consistently. (Hopefully that will soon change.) I usually keep myself busy. Yesterday, however, I was feeling a little 'blah.' I spent all day watching 'Teen Mom' and eating soup while occasionally browsing vegetarian magazines for recipe ideas.

  5. Angela - That's nice! My husband is always gone during the day for work so alone time is nice when I get it since we are always together weekends ha. I don't mind easy food every once in a while that you just pop into the microwave or oven. =]

    C - Soup and Teen Mom, what lovely combo hah. I hate those 'blah' days. Do you ever have the need to HAVE TO GET OUT? lol because sometimes I just can't stand being home since I always am.

  6. Hey! I found you over at 20sb, and started following. I'm kind of laughing at your lazy day because I've been having a series of those too (mine involved pizza and chocolate chip cookies as well).

    While I feel bad about it, I'm also reveling in it.

  7. Welcome! Such a good site haha. Have you really? I love it! Definitely easy 'lazy day' comfort food types!

  8. Hi, I saw you on 20sB. I hope you'll check out my blog, too! :)


    Yesterday was one of those days for me. I ate a frozen pizza for dinner, watched 4(?) movies, and made a new post for my blog. I like lazy days!

  9. Hello! Sounds exactly how my lazy day went, gotta love it! I'll be sure to check your blog out as well!


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