March 20, 2011

I Need to Get On This!

....and by this I mean my BLOG haha. I haven't really been posting lately and I guess it's ok to take a break. Not like I have a lot of followers yet, but to you 26, you are amazing! I just need to start participating in scavenger hunt Sundays! Well, or something along the lines of parties to follow ;). Any ideas, huh huh? I love those games, they are fun. Plus I REALLY need to dust off my Canon. Poor thing has been neglected for a while now. GOOD news is I am done with class so hopefully I can post more. HELLO AA degree! Now I can focus on Liam's room, Liam himself AND my own life instead of school. How cool is that? Well I guess you could throw my husband in there somewhere as well. Kidding!! Want some more good news?! The husband and I have everything put together for Liam's room so far! I put together the stroller so we have that and the carseat done. I also put together the changing table the other day AND together, we put the crib together. All I need to find now is a classic cherry dresser (without paying $500) to match and to buy the organizer cubby unit from Target. I can't wait! This week I shall be starting on decorating wooden letters to go on the dresser when we get one and his memory box. Don't know what that is? Well click here. I want to add stuff like the newspaper on the day he's born and other mementos. I want more crafty ideas. Moms out there, throw them my way! I love decorating haha. 

Aside from all of that excitement, my weekend has been pretty good! My husband and I went out for lunch, glow golfing AND saw Limitless. Let me tell you, what a crazy movie that was! It was super good though, you have to see it. The trailer does nothing for the movie. How did YOU spend your weekend?

Glow golf!


  1. ooh good luck in decorating your baby's room :)
    wish my weekend was as xciting as yours :/
    tk care and pls visit my blog.

  2. Thank you, it shall be interesting haha. I hate waiting to start things. I just want to get everything done NOW, even though it will be nice to just string it all out so I will stay busy. My weekend usually isn't too exciting heh. I will take a look at your blog!


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