April 29, 2011

The big 3-3.

How far along: 33 weeks!
Total weight gain: 27lbs so far (just got weighed this last monday)
How big baby is: He is about the size of a pineapple! Average baby is a little over 4lbs and 17 inches long!
Maternity clothes: Same old same old. Think I'm good for the rest of the pregnancy!
Stretch Marks: I am pretty sure the ones I have are getting darker haha.
Sleep: Sleep is still going ok! Although I wake up during the night to pee hahaha.
Best moment this week: Got the crib bedding for Liam! His room is about done!
Worst moment this week: All of this pain, I tell ya!
Movement: Uh, when does he not move? :)
Food cravings:
Fruit of course ;)
Belly Button (In or Out): Still in!
Gender: Our Mr.
Labor Signs: Sooo much round ligament pain. :(
What I am looking forward to: Going every 2 weeks now for dr appointments and then soon every week!
What I miss: Being able to sleep however is comfortable without worrying about my belly.


  1. Thanks for finding me through WBW. Congratulations!! That is so exciting! Cant wait to see pictures!

  2. Here through 20sb... what a cute outfit!

  3. Glad to see others from 20sb...especially since I haven't been on there lately. Thank you! :)


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