April 13, 2011

Mini Rant and Anniversary

This weekend is our anniversary. Sunday to be exact! Well from the beginning, Adam wasn't supposed to have anymore field until May. That meant we could finally be together for our anniversary (he was deployed last year). WELL yesterday he told me they were leaving Monday, but we could still have our anniversary weekend. NOW he just told me they are leaving Saturday. I seriously almost started crying. I was so very upset. Good news is most people ONLY have Friday off but his CO is super nice and gave him Thursday AND Friday off because it's our anniversary this weekend... so I guess it's better that we can celebrate early than not at all. I'm still super bummed though. They always have to mess things up.

However we talked when he got home last night and now I feel a little better. He's right...at least we can still celebrate. I'm driving us up to Seattle (which is about an hour away) super early so we can run around and explore Seattle. We are going to stay there that night and leave Friday afternoon. We went up there for our "honeymoon" lol so it's nice to go back. Plus we LOVE it up there, yet don't go up as much as we would like. It's like a mini-vacation away from our city. We will probably get up there in the morning, look at some shops or go somewhere, then get clam chowder for lunch (since it's amazing there) because check in isn't until 3pm... THEN settle into our room, get dinner at the Cheesecake Factory because it is good and I haven't been there in ages. We might go explore some more after. The next day, we will eat their amazing breakfast at the hotel and check out at noon...and run around some more, then head home. Our hotel will have a jacuzzi and fireplace...AND a view of Lake Union. We are excited haha. Should be a nice romantic night, which we need. Plus I loveee hot tubs (don't worry, it wont be TOO hot ha)...AND I may need it after running my pregnant but around downtown. The hotel pool/hot tub downstairs is open 24 hours too so that will be nice if we want to check that out. 

All in all, I'm feeling better about it now. At least we don't have to worry about a lot of weekend traffic/guests since we will be there during the week. Plus we need this to happen. It will be a nice get away before Liam gets here in just **shocker** TWO MONTHS-ish.

Are any of you doing anything exciting these next few days or during the weekend?


  1. Oh, I hope you have a wonderful time!!! Happy Anniversary! <3

    We're going up to the mountains in NH this weekend- can't wait :)

  2. Thank you! An early one is definitely better than none at all. Oh! The mountains would be fun. I hope you have a good time! Wish it was nice enough to do something like that here. I don't mind, i'll trudge out in the rain.

  3. Sorry to hear your Anniversary plans had to change! But hopefully you guys have an amazing time celebrating! Sounds like great plans! Happy Anniversary!


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