August 23, 2011

Day Five: Six Places

Day Five: Six Places

[One] I would LOVE to go to Europe; mainly Paris and England.

[Two] I would also love to go to the US. When I say US, I mean ALL states. I've only been to WA, OR and SD.

[Three] Going back to Vancouver, BC would be nice. I loved Canada (went my freshmen year of hs for band lol).

[Four] I've been to Sand Lake, OR to the dunes and it never gets old! I can't wait to go back. Probably have to wait until Liam can ride quads haha.

Seattle, WA is a place I was born and a place I LOVE to just day a day or weekend trip to.

[Six] Taiwan is another place I would love to see. It seems so exotic and just one place a lot of people haven't been.

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