August 14, 2011

Ten Day You Challenge

Thanks to Ashley over at Celebrating Life as an Army Wife, I found a new challenge!

Not sure if I will do these every day or just randomly, but it's a great idea!!

Day one : Ten secrets
[One] I may seem outgoing and all, but I am actually extremely shy when you first meet me.

[Two] The thought of death scares me; whether my family, myself, or a friend.

[Three] I say I hate country, but the newer 'pop' type country is not bad at all (just the twangy old stuff - kwim?).

[Four] I'm a night own and I wish there were more hours at night; If I could sleep all day and stay up all night I would.

I am THE biggest procrastinator ever, yet some how did well in school.

[Six] I constantly wish I could change how my body looks, yet nothing seems to work.

[Seven] I would love to travel to other places around the world, yet I am afraid to live anywhere else but Washington because I have lived here my whole life.

[Eight] I am pretty much OCD about volumes on the radio or tv; I have to have the number end in a 0,5 or even number. I have to change the volume otherwise.

[Nine] Driving with loud music and the windows down is my favorite thing to do, but don't take me as the driver for a spontaneous road trip unless you know where you are going. I hate driving when I don't know where I am.

[Ten] I would actually love to be some sort of doctor or nurse, but I HATE science of any kind. I'm just not good at it.


  1. Thanks for your well wisheson my blog :) And thanks for sharing your secrets...I am also a night owl and would love to travel. I was afraid to visit new, unfamiliar places but I pushed through and went to NYC with my girlfriends (all the way from TX) and it was the best thing! I also just went to a conference in NC a few weekends ago and I am feeling liberated! :) Now I'm ready to go to Europe for my 40th bday in 2012! But we shall see...

  2. I think I'm gonna do this too!

  3. This is such a neat idea!

    Your number 6 touched my's kind of what I do for a living. (I work from home as an Independent Coach for Team Beachbody) I'm always here if you want to chat or check out our products.


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