November 26, 2011

Black Friday Madness

Did anyone brave the madness yesterday?

I went with a friend all over in the wee morning and then hit the mall later on in the afternoon. I only got a few things, but I was happy ha. I got a pack of 96 diapers, 435 wipes and a disney story book for Liam at Toys R Us for $22 total. Then I got Bambi and Rio at Target for $20. We were out for a total of SEVEN hours. It was nuts. Then I came home and took a nap. I was bored from Adam playing Madden all day, so I decided to hit the mall. Talk about packed! I went all over, but mainly baby stores (oops). Let me tell you how bad of an idea that was lol. First off I went to Old Navy. I found $15 jeans for me, $10 jeans for Liam and a $5 onesie. Then I went to The Children's Place and got him an $8 pj set and $5 Christmas onesie for pictures next month. I was quite happy for Liam's stuff ha. After all that was over, I decided to get Adam a game he REALLY wanted (Skyrim) but I didn't see any good deals by the time I got it so I paid in full. He's definitely getting moneys worth though. Since he has been playing that, I looked online and got $50 worth at Gymboree because I wanted a hoodie for Liam..and the free shipping. He is so spoiled lol, but I can't wait for it to get here! Oh and since I wasn't sure about Bath and Body works yesterday, I waited on their candles. However, we went to the mall today and I got 2 for $20 candles, plus another one 50% off (Creamy Pumpkin, Dark Chocolate Mint and Apple Crumble). We are burning the pumpkin one now. It smells so good! All in all, we spent a lot on Liam but it's worth it. Plus baby clothes are so cute! Here is a picture of Liam in his new jeans! LOVE IT. I hope everyone else scored some black friday deals!

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  1. such a cute picture!! You are brave going to the mall! lol, I could barely handle an hour at Walmart!


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