January 3, 2012

Steals and Deals: Round 2

Round number TWO haha (round number one here).

My husband wanted more of that beer since it was such a good deal, so Liam and I headed out again this morning. While I was there I snagged a few more things since I didn't want to get just beer. I ended up spending $18 on about $44 worth of product. I'm so glad to get back into couponing again. I organized my 'stock pile' as you would call it. Most of it's food. Maybe I will take a picture of my good soon if anyone cares? lol. I mean, I don't go crazy since we live in an apartment and all. We don't have that much room.


  1. thats funny bc my stockpile is mostly hba. i live in a trailer and so i knwo what you mean on the space. i hate clutter, but i think a little stockpile is worth it, eh? HAHA! my husband would love me if i found a deal on beer! haha!!

  2. Haha yeah, I am pretty sure Adam only liked it because I got him beer...men lol. I hate clutter too! If I keep buying, i'll need to find extra storage because I only have the food on one shelf (the rest are taken by normal food we buy).


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