January 30, 2012

Steals and Deals #9

I am so glad I got a chance to go couponing without the little one! I love him to death, but it's easier and quicker when the husband can watch him. That saying, I hit up Target for some free cat food and Albertsons for everything else. I was contemplating Albertsons and their round up, just because I wasn't sure that I would find good deals. Basically, any manufactured coupon $0.24 and lower, they will round quadruple the value. Say you have a $0.15 coupon; that will round to 4x's that, so $0.60 off. Any coupons $0.25 and higher, they will round to $1. It's different than their twice the value where they just double every coupon. I hope that's not too confusing ha. Not all Albertsons do this either. I'm glad ours does, since it's the only store to double or quadruple coupons. I ended up getting quite a few good deals though.

$70 worth; spent  $15 (78% savings)

Let me break it down for you:

 Iams Cat Food- $3.00 ('trial' size)
$3/1 any bag = FREE

Cheerios - $4.99
On sale for $1.88
(if you buy 5 participating products)
$1/1 = $0.88 each

Fiber One Bars - $4.39 
On sale for $1.88
(if you buy 5 participating products)
$0.40/1 (rounded to $1/1) = $0.88 each

Jello Temptations - $3.29
On clearance for $2.97
$0.60/1 (rounded to $1/1) = $1.97 each

Campbells 'Great For Cooking' Soups - $2.19 
On sale for $10/10
$0.40/4 (rounded to $1/1) = $3 for 4
Odwalla Bars - $1.49 
On sale for $1.25
$0.15/1 (quadrupled to $0.60/1) = $0.65 each


  1. You have skill! I wish I could coupon like you do!

  2. lol you could do it! It didn't take me long! =]


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