March 23, 2012

Let Spring Cleaning Commence!

In the past, I have never really spring cleaned. I didn't really have anything to spring clean per say. Well my couponing has already ruined that, to where I NEED more organization. Especially since we live in an apartment. Whenever we look for a house, I am making sure there is a lot of cupboard space and what not. I will make lots of room for everything. I make due though. It never really hit that we had a lot of snacks piled up, until I decided to tidy up the pantry today.

Before - all of the boxes things were stuffed into

Thanks to the dollar tree, I have now fixed the problem of all the boxes in our cupboard. Well, all of the boxes associated with granola bars and fruit snacks. I should have gotten an extra container or two, but it has already made a difference. Here is what they will look like now! Definitely an improvement.

 After - Cheap tupperwear for a quick fix

I think I will tackle our closet one of these days. I tend to hold onto clothes I will no longer wear, but think I will some day. I just need a whole new wardrobe. I have always told myself that will never happen until I lose weight though. Motivation!!

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