May 8, 2012

Been MIA and Need Help!

I am so sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. I have been busy getting over my cold and dealing with a teething baby. He is getting canines in (or vampire teeth as I call them). Anyway, I have been trying to get stuff for Liam's first birthday done. I am so behind for having almost two months still. I guess I just need to start getting on the ball. Any tips? I'm trying to make it simple! The park where we are having it is booked. We have decided on a blue and lime green-ish theme. It's summer so I want it summery. I want it bright and cheery. I might do hot dogs or sandwiches, haven't decided 100% yet. Maybe a little of both. I already have Liam's outfit, which we have had for AGES now. The main problem is that I need to get addresses and people aren't coopering. I don't know how many invites to order yet. I only have a few addresses so far and I want to order them within the next week or week and a half. The other problem is I need to decide if I want just a sheet cake or if I want a mini cake for Liam and cupcakes...OR even just cupcakes and no mini cake at all. What have you done, what do you think is easier? HELP! haha.


  1. Mini cake for Liam for sure!! They look so much cuter in pictures than just a simple cupcake, and I think a sheet cake would be cheaper for the guests :) Costco has great sheet cakes too! Hot dogs are a lot easier than sandwiches too and I think the'd end up being cheaper as well... I'm so sad I'm moving away even further now I really cant go :( I expect to see a TON of pictures...

    1. I know!! :( I'll take lots of pictures, don't worry! Thanks for the input! I think we decided on hot dogs for sure, maybe hamburgers. I think I want to make either the cake or cupcakes myself! Still on the fence on what to make yet, but I did find a small pan to make Liams little cake out of! I need some test runs Haha.


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