May 18, 2012

Sickness In The Kelly Household

One major reason I haven't been posting is because we have all been sick. A while back, maybe weeks or a month ago I had a sinus infection. Actually, we all had something similar. It was pretty bad, to where I had a fever and all that fun stuff. I had to take antibiotics as well, it was so bad. Well, fast forward to this past week; we all got sick again. It started with Liam. He couldn't keep anything down and we'll just say he had a LOT of diapers lol. Anyway, he was on a straight pedialyte diet for one day because we couldn't give him solid foods or formula. I felt so bad for him. Then Adam and I got sick. I never had any problems keeping things down or anything of the like, but I had the worst stomach ache ever the whole time. I even ended up getting a fever of 101.2 and I started to worry. Luckily it finally broke a couple days ago. We all feel better now. I am almost 100% myself again. Liam is still a little sick though I think. I hate this nasty stuff that is going around. Please, please, please be careful. I would never wish any of this sickness on anyone! Being sick, I barely moved or did anything so I am sorry for being so MIA lately.

Good news is I am almost done making Liam's birthday invitations! I should be able to send them off next week or the week after at the latest (since his party is the end of June). Making them myself is better cost wise, but it takes so long! At least with what I am doing. It's definitely worth it though and I will definitely post about it later. Well, you all might have to wait until after his birthday and I'll do a HUGE post! I have plans for the favors too, involving jars and candy of some sort. I love being crafty!

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