June 4, 2012

Cupcake Testing

I have been so busy lately, trying to figure out details on Liam's party. I decided instead of store bought cupcakes, I am making my own. Same goes with Liam's cake. I made test runs these past couple days to make sure the recipes are good ones. I have decided on chocolate with chocolate buttercream, lemon with lemon cream cheese (my absolute favorite) and vanilla with vanilla buttercream (might change that to vanilla cream cheese but we'll see). I will probably do the chocolate version with Liam's cake. I am excited though. I'll be nice enough to share recipes as well, definitely do the lemon! I could eat a million of those. I practiced my icing too; I had to get a bigger tip because the smaller one used on the lemon and chocolate wasn't cutting it.

Lemon w/ lemon cream cheese
Here is the Lemon Cupcake Recipe (includes the cream cheese recipe). I am definitely keeping this. I have never had such a delicious cupcake. The lemon zest definitely makes the cake. This picture is my first batch, don't judge. It was a little too thick and I didn't fill the cupcake pan full enough so they came out like muffins lol. They were still good though. The second batch was perfect, except I didn't take a picture. The only difference is that I added maybe a tablespoon or so of milk. I'm sure I didn't have to, but to me the batter was too thick.

Chocolate w/ chocolate buttercream
Here is the Chocolate Cupcake Recipe. Fair warning, this cake is RICH. It is so chocolatey, but it's amazing. Especially if you love chocolate. These came out first try, since I used liners and filled it well. Don't judge me haha. Anyway, I used a buttercream recipe found here and all I did was add a few tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa. I used this time to taste test it ;). I am not a fan of buttercream frosting. It is too sweet to me and tastes like pure sugar (it's like the kind you find in stores on their cupcakes and cakes). Anyway, despite that fact, I really liked this. I substituted butter for shortening though, since I read it keeps better with heat (since Liam's party is outside).

Vanilla w/vanilla buttercream
Here is the Vanilla Cupcake Recipe. As you can see, the icing is much better. I used one of the larger tips. I am not the biggest fan of vanilla cake. I would rather have chocolate or some other flavor. However, these were actually pretty good if I do say so myself. I didn't really like the buttercream and I think to others it would be so-so (chocolate was better). I may change it to vanilla cream cheese, but I am not sure yet. We will just have to see. Either way, this is still good! I tried another recipe and failed. It was doughy and dense. It was quite horrible. I think all of these recipes are keepers!


  1. You can never go wrong with chocolate! Yummy!

    1. And I prefer whipped cream icing over buttercream. Buttercream really is too sweet and too thick.

    2. I think that's my problem too; needs to be fluffier and less sweet. Cream cheese frosting has a tangy taste to even out sweetness so I think that's why I like it more. Luckily I still have 2 weeks to finalize.


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