July 7, 2012

Paleo and Big News

Ok, so the news isn't that big, but I landed a job. It's for Walmart (I know, some people hate it and don't like shopping there). However, a job is a job. I'll be doing stocking from 4pm-1am. This is a weird schedule but I like the idea. I'll be home to sleep just a couple hours after my son and husband. Then i'll have all day to see Liam. We will see how crazy things get once my husband starts college in the fall though. I just hope I like it or can stand it for a while. At least I can wear jeans and a shirt haha. Navy blue, but still a shirt and nothing fancy. Maybe i'll be comfy, since I don't have to wear slacks and flats. I hate flats a lot ha; tennis shoes are better to me. The only problem I may face is the fact that the store is remodeling but that shouldn't be too bad. Hopefully things will work out with this job! I AM sad that i'll be missing Liam for part of the night though.

Anyway, my husband and I decided to start on the Paleo diet once again. We did this a while back for about a month. If you don't know what that is, I suggest you read up on it here. I haven't lost anymore weight since having Liam and losing half of the baby weight. Quite frankly it's making me pretty upset. I'm hoping this will jump start some weight loss. Add in my job (since i'll be constantly moving and lifting) and I should be golden. Not sure how long we will keep up with it this time. I did find some pretty amazing looking recipes though. This morning we had chocolate coffee pancakes and boy they were amazing. Last night for dinner we had turkey burgers wrapped in lettuce with butternut squash fries. It was actually satisfying without the bun. I wanted something sweet so we had a blueberry cobbler type desserts last night as well. Used blueberries, almond flour and a few other ingredients. That was only from day one and this morning. I hope we can stick with this and get some results. I felt good last time we were on it.

Are you doing anything different to your lifestyle?


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    1. Thank you! I'm really on the fence about it because I hate the idea of leaving my son for that long haha.


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