December 30, 2010

Lets Get This Ball Rolling!

Finally, I have had some time to update this blog and get the ball rolling. Figured today would be a great day since it was another pregnancy milestone. For those who want to know me more, you see those tabs up top there? You know... wayyy up there ^^^ ? Click on those or feel free to ask questions. I like to get my thoughts out and I like to meet new moms to be/moms in general, as well as any and all other people in the e-world. 

First off, I had my appointment today! The husband FINALLY got to go, since lately he hasn't been able to make any of the appointments (thank you army). Boy are we glad he made it because we finally got to hear the heartbeat!!! It was about 140's. During my last appointment, my OB poked around and said to wait until we could feel the uterus. Well, today he finally used the doppler! I was afraid for a second because he couldn't find the heartbeat, but practically right below my belly button, at the very bottom, he found it! I was going to cry if he couldn't because I haven't had piece of mind of the baby being ok since my first ultrasound at 8w4d. Anyway, the husband is all excited now and feels that this is finally real for him! I'm all smiles haha, can't believe I can feel this way.

On another note, my next 'check up' is the 28th (i'll be 20w then)...the routine 'every 4 weeks' thing for now. I'm waiting for them to get the order in and call to set up an appointment for my next ultrasound!! I'm guessing it's the anatomy scan because it will be around 18-20 weeks (so between like the 14th-28th). He just didn't necessarily, call it an anatomy scan, just the normal ultrasound. All he said was that it will be an ultrasound to check the baby, see how everything is developing (which is anatomy, but whatever)... but I'm pretty sure they will check the sex, even though he didn't mention that it was an actual anatomy scan? Either way i'm excited haha. Can't wait to see him/her...especially since he/she was a bean last time ;).

I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow. Can't believe 4 months will be over with!! I swear we just found out I was pregnant. Oh where does the time go?

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