March 11, 2011

What's In YOUR Cabinet?

Thanks to A Sorta Fairytale I found this cool little post to do. Feel free to join in on the fun! What would I find in YOUR cabinet?

1. Facial Product. 
I absolutely LOVE Biore! I used to use this acne cleanser one, but I don't anymore. I need to get some more Biore products!

2. Hair Products. 
I use Dove daily moisture shampoo/conditioner, as well as Pantene curly hair spray and some good old water in a spray bottle ha (natural curly hair is sometimes a pain).

3. Pills. 
The only one I use currently is (rarely) Tylenol because of the pregnancy. I should have invested in Tylenol PM haha. When I'm NOT pregnant, I take NyQuil because it's my best friend (along with Dayquil) when I am sick. I also used to take the PX (shop on our military post) version of Somnitabs because they are non-habit forming and I had issues sleeping when my husband was deployed... and he got some Excedrin the other day for a headache (since he always stole my Tylenol's).


4. Deodorant. 
I use whatever sounds good at the time, but lately it's been the Shower Clean version of Degree.

5. Perfume. 
Thanks to my husband, I wear Beyonce's Heat alllllll the time. He got it for me for my birthday! =]

6. Make-up. 
I usually wear some sort of liquid foundation (currently - Cover Girl Clean), Maybelline eyeliner, Cover Girl Lash blast, and either Burts Bees Mango lip balm OR Bath and Body Works' mint lip gloss.

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  1. This is fun! I might have to blog swipe this idea!


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