November 3, 2011


I know, I know - I'm super late on this post, but I haven't been on my computer much. I have been exhausted and busy. Halloween was great though! My husband got off work early so I picked him up on our way to my friend's. She has a 2 1/2 year old boy so we all went trick or treating. We got a tiny bit of candy, but you can't expect much with a baby haha. It was still fun though. I'm glad I got to see my friend and her son. He was really cute too. The best part had to be when a car was driving too fast in the dark and her son goes "CAR, CAR, AAAAHHHH, CRASH, CRASH" hahaha. Greatest thing ever. It was a good night. Oh and before that, we took some pictures with Liam in his costume while we waited for them. I hope everyone had a great halloween. I can't complain with a little free candy haha.

On another note - I can't believe it's November already! That means my birthday and Christmas will be next month..AND Liam will be 6 months old next month. HALF a year crazy is that? I'm starting to get a little sad. I love seeing him grow and learn, but at the same time he is my first child and I hate how fast time is going. I'm sure all you mothers can relate ha. As for this month, it is already freezing. I see a very bad winter in our near future. Although I'm pretty excited for Thanksgiving! If you read my last post on our changing lifestyle, you will now know that today we started that! However, Thanksgiving will definitely be our cheat day because I want my mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie!


  1. My goodness, he is so handsome! Love his costume, cant believe he will be 6 months so soon!

  2. Thank you! I can't believe it either!


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