November 7, 2011

Dear Monday

I am doing this through my friend Ashely, over at Celebrating Life as an Army Wife. 

Dear couponing, I love how good you did me today! I got $72 worth of groceries for $32 because of you. I hope you continue to help me out on the verge of saving our family some money. I may not do it as much lately, but I want to start up again!


  1. Especially on stuff we will use almost every day!

  2. i am going to start couponing... i need to save money and all that good stuff!

  3. You should! I don't do anything extreme and I definitely don't spend that long doing it, but I like saving a bit. Especially since Liam is here now. Soon he will be eating us out of house and home (especially if he's like my husband LOL) so it's good to save. ;)


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