March 8, 2012

It's Ok Thursdays

I'm linking up with the lovely Ashley from Celebrating Life as an Army Wife.

It's Ok.... be a nerd and look at couponing stuff because you're planning a great trip this weekend. be INSANE and try out the Insanity workout dvd set. be insanely SORE all over from said workout. want a break from your child, just because you never get one. take back said break and enjoy time with him while you can. be lazy all day and watch cheesy tv shows and/or movies because your husband isn't home. not keep up with your blog every once in a while, but desperately want to. want more followers and other blogs to follow in return. enjoy the sunshine, even if it's still cold out. not want to cook dinner because your husband isn't home. relax and take a deep's ok!


  1. How is insanity? A friend of mine is doing is here. I dont have the money to drop on it. But I am curious.

    Thanks for thinking up!

    1. Omg its literally insane haha. I can't do half of the moves so I have to modify.. And I'm sucking wind by the end of the warm up ha. I feel great after though. My whole body is sore. I dread every morning but it's worth it. I think if this doesn't help change something, nothing will. I didn't buy it... *cough* haha... I'm hoping to lose inches at least. I guess it's not a big weight loss but more toning and losing inches... Although I'm super overweight so I'm hoping to loose some lbs too ha. I'm not sure if it's worth the price, but I think it will definitely work no matter how good you can do the workouts. Even the people in the video are dead on the floor and taking breaks ha.

  2. i agree with your post!!
    I just bought insanity for my daughters 24th birthday...we do P90X here..
    happy weekend!!

  3. I looked at p90x and I don't think it's for me. Hopefully she likes Insanity! Don't let her quit ha.

  4. Hi! Im Sanna, following you from
    I agree with you that it's okay to be lazy all day and watch chessy movies:) love that!


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