March 12, 2012

Steals and Deals #11

Once again, Albertsons had their TTV coupons (which started yesterday). However, I did get a couple things (Ken's salad dressing and pudding) at Safeway. I was pretty excited because there were a lot of good deals. However, one deal I REALLY wanted, was gone. They had Nature Valley Protein bars on sale (which we eat granola bars for snacks and it would have been good for my workouts). Plus they had catalinas printing out for $5 and $2 off next purchases that I could have used. Well, when I got there the shelves were wiped clean (figures). This deal was going on before TTV days so I think it was wiped way before yesterday. No big deal, we have plenty. I got some balance bars to help me instead which was ok. Plus I just got other great deals so I'm not too upset. Definitely would have been nice though. Anyway, let me break it down for you!

$193 worth for $43 (77% savings)
***not pictured***
Brawny Paper Towels - $1.99
$1/1 (doubled) facebook coupon = FREE

Belvita - $4.19*
On sale for $2.99
$1/1 (doubled) = $0.99
Milk - $3.79
*Coupon used for free milk when buying 3 breakfast items 
Macaroni Grill Frozen Skillet Meal - $8.99

On clearance for $4.00
$1/1 peelie found (doubled) = $2.00
All Detergent - $6.19
On sale for $3.50
$1/1 (doubled) = $1.50

WhoNu Cookies - $3.19
On sale for $1.99
$0.55/1 (doubled) = $0.89

Tillamook Yogurt - $0.85
On sale for $0.69
$1/4 (doubled) = $0.76 for 4

Renu Contact Solution - $1.89
$2/1 = FREE + $0.11 overage

Clorox Wipes - $1.00
$1/2 (doubled) = Both FREE

Balance Bars - $2.99
On sale for $10/10 (one on clearance for $0.75)
$1/5 (doubled) = $2.75 for 5

  Gerber Baby Food - $1.29
On sale for $10/9
$0.75/1 (doubled) = $1.84 for 3

Pudding (safeway) - $1.29
On sale for $0.79 (with in ad coupon)

Ken's Dressing (safeway) - $4.69
On sale for $5/2
On sale further for $1.19 (with in ad coupon)$1/1 = $0.19

***Not pictured***
Alexia Sweet Potato Fries - $4.69
On sale for $3.29$1/1 (doubled) = $1.29

Dentyne Ice (walmart) - $0.96
$1/2 = $0.92 for both

Amp Energy Drinks - $2.29
On sale for $1.50$2/1 (they had the coupons) = $1 for 2
 (I ended up getting 2 cases with 12 in each)


  1. Maybe I need to start shopping at stores other than the Commissary... lol

    1. LOL the comm isn't always bad! I did a little couponing there once since I was up that way and got a few good deals! We just don't live on post so everywhere else is easier.

  2. I always want to coupon, but I never organize myself well enough to pull it off. That's an awesome haul you got.

    1. I used to be all organized.. Had a folder or binder... But I got lazy and now I just bring a pile with me... Which isn't best. One day I at least want a folder again.

  3. My boyfriend is usually really good at getting loads of food for like £12 when its supposed to be over £40 just through the reduced items which are usually fine and we freeze. I can never get so lucky haha
    I haven't tried couponing, I don't seem to find many over here but well done on the smart shopping :)

    1. That's still good! People often overlooked reduced items! Especially freezer ones or meat that can be frozen right away make for good deals! Haha at first I was thinking 'how in the world will I find coupons for stuff we will actually use?' but all you have to do is look in the right place at the right time. Thank you!!


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