December 30, 2011

Six Months!

Can you believe my baby boy is SIX MONTHS already? I sure can't! I was going to post sooner but I totally forgot. He actually turned six months the day after Christmas... half a year old! Wow! He is doing so much! He kind of crawls. I wouldn't call it crawling yet, but he can go forward if he really wants something. I call it the belly flop because he gets up and lurches forward (not like the past video here), but just forward into a belly flop. Maybe I can capture it one day ha. Anyway, he also does this bear crawl type thing. He doesn't really go forward, but he gets up on his feet with his butt high in the air (like we did back in I don't know, middle school or something). It cracks me up. He is talking more and I repeat dada to him but nothing yet. He just smiles at me like I'm retarded. He grabs everything and chews on everything. He has TWO teeth now. He got one on my birthday and one a couple days later. Apparently that's what he wanted for Christmas ha. He is eating solids twice a day, usually fruits for breakfast and veggies for dinner. I may switch it up later on but for now it works. He has had almost all fruits now. My friend's mom gave me mum-mums to try on him (the rice snack things that look like surfboards to me) and he LOVES them. He gobbled those I am going to buy some today when I get some groceries. He also loves things that rattle. Before he didn't really care but he loves his rattle toys. He also likes Martin's ball that has a bell in it (our cat). Silly boy, maybe I can find a toy with a bell haha.

Stats: 17.5 lbs, 26.5 inches and his head is 43cm (about 83 percentile). He has a big head, but I love it.

He is just growing so fast, I wish it would slow down a little. Although I can't wait for him to be all cute and talk. So much to look forward to in 2012!

**Sadly no pictures to post yet but that just means I need to take more to mark him being 6 months. Although stay tuned for professional pictures in the next couple weeks.**

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